Calibration and QA testing software and Calibration sensor CAL-016 (Calibration Kit)

CAL-016(Calibration Kit)

Calibration and QA testing software (QA Medivisor Agent) suite with calibration sensor which makes quality control of JVC Medical monitors more easily, more efficiently. CAL-016 supports acceptance and constancy tests according to the following standards:
AAPM TG18 - American Association of Physicists in Medicine
DIN 6868-57V - Deutsches Institut für Normung 


QA Medivisor Agent - QA software solution

Each country has the standards which has its own standard for the quality control tests. QA Medivisor Agent supports calibration, acceptance and constancy tests, and quality maintenance of asset management.

User-friendly interface

CAL-016 intuitively guides the user to the intended feature. Graphic user interfaces show the status of the managed monitor at a glance.

Schedule Tasks

Scheduling function can run calibration task automatically on a set date and time, and remind the user perform the task on a regular schedule.

DICOM Part14 calibration

Easy to operate calibration function to reproduce colors precise to grayscale compliant with DICOM Part14 standard.


Centralized management of test results

Test results can be sent to PM Medivisor or PM Medivisor Cloud for centralized management of monitor performance.

History management

The history (calibration, QA testing) is saved separately for each monitor and instant access is provided to previous calibration records.

Test report generation

Test procedures according to respective standards are embedded and their results can be output in PDF format. QA Medivisor Agent also manages the generated reports.


The backlight lifetime calculation

The backlight lifetime calculation feature enables easy resource planning. It automatically calculates remaining backlight and lifetime based on current usage frequency.


Package contents

・Calibration and QA testing software: QA Medivisor Agent
・Calibration sensor: Calibrator-T4


Calibration and QA testing software QA Medivisor Agent

Supported Monitor models

[USB Connection]

  • ・i3 series: CL-S200, CL-S300, CL-S500, CL-S500 Dualstand, CL-S600,
    CL-S1200, MS-S200, MS-S300, MS-S500, MS-S500 Dualstand
  • ・i2 series: CCL550i2, CCL650i2, MS25i2, MS35i2, MS55i2plus
  • ・Others: CCL196, CL-R190, CL-R211, CL-E270, ME195
  • ※Please contact us for support of discontinued models.

Supported Operating Systems

・Microsoft Windows 10 32/64-bit
・Microsoft Windows 8.1 32/64-bit Update
・Microsoft Windows 7 32/64-bit SP1