Medical monitor utility solutionMedivisor Utility

A user-friendly application ensures quick access and control of different features of JVC medical monitors. A clear and simple interface makes it straightforward to navigate and use. Provided on QA Medivisor Agent disk.


Streamlined Interface for Reading Enhancements

The user interface allows for simple activation of reading support functions like Dynamic Gamma and Turbo Luminance with a single click. Input switching and other actions can be performed using either mouse clicks or user-defined shortcut keys.

The Left shows OSD operation. The right shows Medivisor Utility operation by a single click or shortcut keys.

Dynamic Gamma

Turbo Luminance

Enhanced Productivity by Personalized Window Content

The menu, size, layout and transparency of the window can be freely customized to suit user preferences. By optimizing according to usage frequency and tasks, further efficiency enhancements can be achieved.

Function menu (Up to nine functions)

Layout (Horizontal/Vertical)

Size (Large/Middle/Small)

Transparent (Off/15%/30%)

Seamless Workflow Enhancement

Smooth input switching can be achieved with just one click or shortcut keys, without the hassle of cumbersome input toggling (OSD operations), preventing a decrease in work efficiency.

Improved Visibility

The Turbo Luminance function can boost screen brightness and contrast to maximum for 30 seconds to magnify identifiable grayscale gradations, contributing to finding out low contrast lesions. It also works for displaying monochrome images complied with DICOM GSDF, maintaining image quality even under the high brightness condition.

Realistic Color

The Dynamic Gamma feature automatically selects DICOM GSDF for monochrome images and Gamma 2.2 for color images on a single screen through utilizing a pixel-based Gamma technology, facilitating accurate interpretation and diagnosis by realistic color.

Reduce Eye Strain

A medical monitor usually comes with high luminance which is not comfortable for text reading. With Auto Text Mode, brightness is automatically adjusted on patient lists and reporting applications to reduce eye strain.

Technical Specifications

Medivisor Utility

Compatible Monitors
CL-S1200, CL-S600, CL-S500, CL-S300, CL-S200, CL-R211,
MS-S500, MS-S300, MS-S200
*Please contact us for latest information and support of discontinued models.
Compatible Operating Systems
Windows 11, Windows 10 64/32bit
Function correspondence

Medivisor Utility

This is a model-specific correspondence table of functions that can be used with Medivisor Utility. Please contact our sales windows for latest information.