QA Medivisor


Acceptance and Constancy Testing Software QA Medivisor
JVCKENWOOD's commitment to quality excellence is demonstrated in its QA Medivisor software. QA Medivisor is essential to maintaining the image integrity of JVCKENWOOD Medical monitors. QA Medivisor supports acceptance and constancy tests according to the following standards:
・JESRA X-0093-2005 - Japan Engineering Standard of Radiation Apparatus
・AAPM TG18 - American Association of Physicists in Medicine
・DIN 6868-57V - Deutsches Institut für Normung


Testing made easy and accurate: Just follow the on-screen instructions

Each standard has its own set of test items for the acceptance and constancy tests, but there is no need to memorize them. QA Medivisor intuitively guides the user through the steps required for the chosen specific standard. Acceptance and constancy tests are made easy and accurate.

Test report generation

Test procedures according to respective standards are embedded and their results can be output in PDF format. QA Medivisor also manages the generated reports.

Centralized management of test results

Test results are sent to PM Medivisor for centralized management of monitor performance.

Acceptance and Constancy Testing Software QA Medivisor

Supported Monitor models

All JVC models

Calibration Kit CAL-012A

Package contents

・Calibration software: Medivisor Nx
・Acceptance and Constancy Testing Software: QA Medivisor
・Utility software: Display Utility Software for i2 Series ・Luminance sensor