Exosome Counting Technology ExoCounter (provisional)


Digital Exosome Counting Technology!
Easier, Faster and more Reliable way for biofluid samples
JVCKENWOOD Corporation applied Blu-ray technologies to exosome analysis. *Immuno-nanobeads labeling on optical disc
*Fabrication of disc with nanostructure (260nm)
*Optical detection & digital signal processing

Our technology realized high-speed, specific and size-selective counting of exosomes in biofluids.


Technical information from the poster presented at ISEV2017.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation and Sysmex Corporation jointly exhibited ExoCounter at ISEV2017.
(ISEV2017: International Symposium for Extracellular Vesicles 2017 held in Toronto)


This technology was developed through collaboration with Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo Medical University,
and Tokyo Institute of Technology with the support by the Program of Development of Advanced Measurement
and Analysis Systems promoted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

JVCKENWOOD Corporation and Sysmex Corporation have agreed to jointly develop diagnostic instruments
for the measurement of exosomes in March 2016.

>Detail (pdf : 152KB)

JVCKENWOOD Corporation, The National Cancer Center Japan, Sysmex Corporation and Daiich Sankyo Company Limited have agreed to collaborative research with the aim of raising the quality of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

>Detail (pdf : 91.4 KB)


Short video presentation for our technology. Toward a liquid biopsy based on exosomes.